We have a variety of services available to help your real estate business grow. We know that if you are visiting this site- you are looking to expand your business past your sphere of influence and past clients. You are in search of new listings with new clients. Lets take a look at the services that we can offer to assist you in that quest.


We can supply a dedicated person at either 20 or 40 hours per week to make calls to contacts that you supply in order to try to set appointments on your behalf. You will need to supply the contacts via excel or similar format and provide the scripts that you want used for the calls for consistency. The cost for this service is $10 per hour prepaid weekly. There are no long term contracts- this is a week to week service with a 2 week minimum and we ask for 5 day notice to cancel.


We can supply a dedicated person at either 20 or 40 hours per week to assist you with general VA tasks such as appointment setting, replying to emails, creating and sending emails, other general administrative duties as assigned. The cost for this service is $10 per hour prepaid weekly. There are no long term contracts- this is a week to week service with a 2 week minimum and we ask for 5 day notice to cancel.






We have teamed up with e-host.us for hosting services. starts at $5 per month

They have low cost solutions for hosting and will give you 30 days to try them out to see what you think. This is a great option because of all the included scripts and applications that are included. WordPress 1 click installation is amazing and the fact that there is no price difference between having a wordpress website hosted or hosting an ecommerce site. They will also migrate your site from your current site to their site for FREE.

WEBSITE ANALYSIS  with pdf report sent to you 

You will get an in depth website analysis done to show any areas that you should be concerned with. We will have someone go over the report for you to show you what needs to be addressed in order to have your site rank higher in search engines. Cost is $99  If you choose any of our services at the time of the review of the report- we will apply the $99 fee toward the purchase of the additional service.


Your website must be secure. We are offering a Comodo positivessl (DV) to secure your website for the very low price of $39.95 You can give this to the person that manages your website to have them install it. If you are or become a client of e-host.us, We will supply the SSL at no cost for your first site and have it installed for you as well.

PRESS RELEASE FOR DOMINATING GOOGLE   $495 for 1 or $995 for 3 


Press releases with proper key words can get you ranked high in google and have you dominate page 1 plus they give more information about you for clients doing due diligence when researching you. Helps build your brand and build recognition.

  • Press Release Creation: Google encourages press releases that are newsworthy and at the same time providing best reader experience. Our team of journalists ensures creating an interesting newsworthy content that is capable of engaging audience and getting you the targeted visitors.
  • Distribution to news outlets: Distribution of your press release to news outlets in turn gives you a greater chance of achieving success with your news promotion.
  • Distribution to Paid PR Sites: Distribution of your press releases to paid sites such as PR Buzz, Releasewire etc., improves visibility by reaching a massive list of journalists and the right targeted audience base.
  • PR Distribution to Media Partners: Through our tie-ups with prominent media partners, we get your news release reach the largest online media.
  • Distribution to Broadcast Stations / TV / Radio: Instant distribution of your PR to hundreds of premium broadcast stations, TV and radios, which are the powerful communication means to reach mass audience.
  • PR Distribution to Journalists: The PR is individually mailed to over 600 journalists including CNN, BBC etc.
  • Social Media Coverage: Press Releases are shared across 14 most popular social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Tumblr.
  • Syndication to Local Newspapers: Getting your press release live in local newspapers is highly beneficial especially if your target market is bigger.
  • Syndication to Top News Portals: Your newsworthy release does get syndicated with top journalist sites, news portals and social media providing a merely improved public presence to your business.

We now have tie-ups with a good number of content networks and media websites, which are best tools capable of getting more exposure for your submitted press release. Understanding the value of press releases and complying with the decision of Google, we only use “nofollow” attributes in press release links.

With search engines being capable of detecting even the slightest variance in a business name, website address and contact info, it’s highly important for businesses to have a consistent NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number). Through our connections with international media platforms, we help your business listed with 100% accuracy at 400 journals and media sites



Local Realtor Solutions

The only way to grow your customer base online is through Local Realtor Solutions where you can increase your business’s online visibility and gain more leads, customers, traffic, revenue, and maximized ROI. That’s a lot to take, but not if there’s no special strategy to meet your complete local needs. You can establish a strong digital presence if you apply our specially revised and proven six local business strategies that have already helped businesses go digital.

Here, we have explained our intuitively tailored local business solutions which will help you understand our strategies and eventually provoke you to imagine the revenue you can witness if applied.

1. NAP Consistency

  • We make sure you are named everywhere on the web centered on your unique identity, and not by any other “mistaken identity”.
  • We check for any NAP discrepancies on the digital space and fix them for its very best.

2. Maps & Business Listings

  • To help your customers reach you at ease, it is of top concern to have your physical address enlisted on Google Places and on other exclusive top 30 local business listing sites.
  • We get your business on GPS listings, through which people who travel can easily find and reach out to you at your location.
  • We assess and eliminate any duplicates from every local business directory thereby ensuring your business’s solid digital presence.
  • There are instances when certain local business profiles stay unclaimed and incomplete, which we will find out, reclaim, and customize them 100% resulting in magnanimous reach.

3. On-Site Enhancements

  • Ruling the web universe takes more than just a website; the factors included almost drops our jaws as it involves the sole concept Local SEO which determines how your website communicates with Search Engines.
  • The more organic your website is, the stronger it grows even if Google shoots out crucial algorithms over time.
  • There are elements that hinder the visibility of business search, which we have already pigeonholed and will be checked, fixed and further optimized to deliver concrete web presence to your business.
  • Mobile Responsiveness
    • Living in a world consumed by mobile gadgets, it is obvious that there are users who are sure to visit your website in quest of meeting their needs.
    • This is why it is important to have a Mobile-Friendly site that delivers optimum results to mobile users, and so we work on making your website Mobile Responsive.
  • Sitemap.xml, Robots.txt, Canonical & other Optimizations
    • For a website to welcome more visitors and eventually rank high on the Organic Search Engine Results Page, there are lots of factors to be taken into accord.
    • We do exhaustive analysis & optimization thus fueling your website to challenge on the competitive digital grounds.
  • 404, 301 – Setup & Redirect
    • It is always an obligation to set up a custom page for “404 Error” that guides/engages the visitors and a “301 Redirection” code to redirect visitors to the right pages rather than disappointing them.
    • We, of course, understand how important it is to assist your valuable visitors, for which we set up interesting custom 404 pages and 301 redirects, meanwhile fixing any glitches.
  • Google Analytics
    • Every visitor to your website takes up a journey, reaching out to a specific goal, which eventually converts them into leads.
    • Tracking that journey helps to understand their persona and further tweak the path in case of any inconsistencies such as bugs, glitches, etc. that may disgust the visitors.
  • Backlink & Penalty Check
    • We inspect your Backlinks or Inbound links for any risks and fix them for better popularity of your website.
    • We also check if your website is negatively impacted by any Google’s algorithms or intentionally penalized for not adhering to the best practices.
  • Meta Content Optimization
    • We inspect the Meta elements of your website that emphasizes on the page titles, descriptions, and other Metadata that are used by search engines to better display your website on SERP.
    • We optimize the Meta contents of your website as per the best practices to reach the visitors at the very instant.
  • Content Image & Multimedia Optimization
    • We optimize the images in your website for optimal page speeds in par with Google standards and add effective contextual descriptions for best exposure in the digital space.
  • Outbound Link Optimization
    • We optimize the external links to your website and ensure the website’s natural significance in the online space.
  • Conversion Optimization
    • The website’s visitor experience matters a lot when it comes to converting them into customers.
    • We optimize your website/landing page with more appealing and informative elements that visually engages with the visitors, eventually converting them.

4. Promotions

  • No matter the altitude of impact your solutions or products can cause to the competitive market, what actually matters is its reach.
  • Driving audience to exhibit your hard work is the best think you can do to achieve your business goals.
  • Our strategy is simple, yet powerful in exposing your brand and driving qualified traffic to your website, eventually pouring with sales.

A) Citations

  • Hyper Local Citations
    • A comprehensive local citation where we do quality emphasis on reaching the customers specified in a given area.
    • We setup and customize 100% exclusive profiles on top hyper local business citation websites.
  • Niche Citations
    • A comprehensive local citation where we do quality emphasis on reaching the customers specified in a given category.
    • We setup and customize 100% exclusive profiles on niche citation websites that have superior reach.

B) Content Marketing

  • Content is everything and that’s what really matters to your business. A strong content can completely change the way a business’s presence on the web, driving more visitors and amplifying authority.
  • We create, publish, and share premium quality contents such as articles, case studies, eBooks, and much more with eyes on delivering informative solutions by hopping onto reader’s shoe, for acquiring new customers and retaining valuable customers.

C) Multimedia Marketing

  • Quotographics
    • We create Quotes & Messages, Stats & facts, Wishes & How-to in an illustratively pleasing fashion that best engages with visitors.
  • Infographics
    • We convert textual representation of raw data into visually pleasing illustration in the form of graphs, charts, or other forms of diagrams that expresses more than just words.
  • Video Marketing
    • We create more advanced and engaging videos by professionals with prominence on top selling points of your business to attract the right audience and gain more visitors & leads.

D) Media Exposure

  • We deliver researched, trending, engaging Press Releases by our journalists regarding your business.
  • We distribute it on Global Media channels such as StarTribune, SBWire, DigitalWire and much more for maximum exposure thereby boosting search rankings.

E) Coupon & Deals Marketing

Some realtors offer extra such as a moving truck to move across town or something extra like aerial drone video or virtual 360 tour of the property if listing with them.

  • We promote your exclusive coupons by setting up profiles on top 50 coupon sharing sites.
  • We do quality research thereby ensuring massive reach for every coupon from your end.

F) Social Media Branding & Management

  • We get you on the most influential Social Networks that best meets your promotional and social objectives.
  • We setup & customize exclusive profiles for your business Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and much more.
  • We manually engage on a regular basis thus gaining more visitors and brand exposure.

G) Classified Ad Marketing

  • We create simple and effective classified ad regarding your business and promote them on classified websites.
  • We set up exclusive profiles on top 25 classified websites targeting the right verticals, given concerns for attracting more visitors.

H) On-Page Content Creation

  • Based on your niche industry, we understand the needs of your business and write informative Blog Contents, Case Studies, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), etc. on your website, thereby multiplying more authority, authenticity and trust.

5. Retargeting

  • We apply special strategies to target visitors who have previously visited your website and tailor intriguing banner ads across the digital space to their level of interest.
  • We help your business by introducing your brand to your target visitors, establish trust, increase conversions, and much more.
  • We combine other strategies along with retargeting to deliver maximum Return on Investment (ROI).

6. Reporting

    • We deliver comprehensive reports to understand the outcome of efforts applied to reach your business goals.
    • We state about these efforts based on a set of metrics such as Traffic, Average Position on SERP, Clicks, Impressions, Conversions, Keywords, etc. and much more that helps quantifying the local business project.
  • Every penny invested in search engine optimization, local advertising on online directory, or any other investment to market your business is accounted and quantified based on the results we deliver.
  • We report on what actually works for you, no matter if it is a Micro Business, Small Business, or Medium Business and derive actionable solutions to last on the competitive space.
    • Business Profile Report
    • Local Business Listing Report
    • Google Yahoo Bing Report
    • Claim and Verification Report
    • Citation Report
    • Citation Screenshot

Time for some coffee…Organic search result is the answer to your local business online. Ranking high in the organic results is the destination to meet your business goals with more leads and traffic. We share actionable local business ideas to help you rank higher on local search listings and be found for customers everywhere.

“We just don’t make your links appear organic, instead we make it organic.”

If you ask why you must opt for Local Business Solutions, well, read on…

  • 70% of the links clicked by users are organic.
  • 70 – 80% of users ignore the paid ads, focusing much on the organic results.
  • 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.
  • 82% of customers use internet exclusively to find local businesses.

Here are some questions to ask yourself; Are you able to achieve all your local needs? Are your customers able to find you? Is your business found at the top of Google’s local search listings? If any of the answers are no, then you are still behind the curtains. It is high time to bring all the results of your hard work to limelight and attract the right customers to enjoy your services.