Exclusive Listing Appointments

Both plans have 6 months of seller leads. We do targeted advertising on social media in order to generate seller leads. We also do data mining in order to gather potential seller leads based off of life altering events that homeowners go through. We look at things like birth records, marriages, divorces, retirement, children leaving home, employment changes, military relocation etc. This is Artificial Intelligence meets big data and sorts through the data to give us predictive results based on passed trends in the real estate industry.

6 months of seller leads and 2 exclusive listing appointments. On Sale Just $895

6 months of seller leads and 8 exclusive listing appointments. On Sale Just $1695

Brokerage Special Entire City 6 months of exclusive seller leads and uncapped exclusive appointments for your brokerage. You can hand them out to your agents. On Sale Just $9995 (areas limited to one brokerage only)


Question: What if I do not get the appointments in the 6 month period?

Answer: The incoming leads end at the 6 month mark- If you have not completed the appointments- your membership will continue until you have the appointments.

Question: What if I go to all of the appointments and I get no listings?

Answer: We set up the appointments with homeowners that have shown a prospective interest in selling and said they were ready to meet with you. We cannot guarantee that they will engage in your offered services. You have to be the one to turn the appointment into a signed listing contract. You may have to follow up with them in order to be successful. We are just facilitating the meeting.

Question: What percentage of listing appointments turn into contracts overall?

Answer: The average is 50%-60% overall some agents do better and some do not convert any. You have to ask yourself how good you are at listing presentations. If you were to get in front of 10 homeowners that are interested in selling and you give your listing presentation- how many of them would typically sign with you?

Question: How ready are the homeowners to list and sell their property?

Answer: Some home owners are ready now and some are not. They tell us they are ready to meet with an agent face to face to discuss what can be done for them. You have to take control of things from there to convert them to being your client.

I want to be clear that in most cases they are not waiting for you to walk in with a contract in one hand and a pen in the other so they can sign it.

Question: How many member agents get sent on the same appointment?

Answer: Only one agent- The appointments are exclusive to you. We will send you the information and the appointment will be yours whether you win the listing or you don’t.

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