About Us

We are based in Irvine CA. We have 8 employees here locally that take care of business development and oversee the services that we provide. We will continue our growth as the need arises in order to keep up with customer demand while balancing costs.

We have our own BPO center in the Philippines that we keep staffed with 20-25 people at all times along with our management team that we have in place for hiring, training, monitoring and evaluating our staff. This is the location of our dedicated phone representatives and our virtual assistant staff. All of the staff are fluent in English- they can read, write, and understand since they grew up speaking English.

We chose the Philippines for several different reasons.

  1. Fluency in English since most of the country grew up speaking English.
  2. Most of the employees are college graduates.
  3. Cost savings for you over hiring direct in the US. yourself.
  4. Employee retention- We have a very low turnover rate which means that when you have a dedicated representative working with you- they will be productive and will be likely to stick around.
  5. Cost of space for the call center is reasonable and we have room for expansion readily available as needed.
  6. Employee pool- We can grow from 25-250 with ease. We have a large pool of qualified candidates that we can hire from to grow with business needs in a very quick manner.
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