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About Us


Thank you for visiting the companies website. We want to keep things very simple. We currently focus on 1 service. That service is for exclusive listing appointments with homeowners in your area that have shown a prospective interest in selling. We find these owners through targeted advertising as well as data mining. We look for life changing trends that tell us an owner may have an interest in selling. We reach out to the homeowners in order to see if they are ready to meet with a realtor to talk about the services. When we are told no- we either continue trying to follow up until they are ready or- if it appears that it will be a while- we will send that information over to you as a potential lead that you can add to your CRM and start a drip campaign. Some leads will look at you as a salesperson that is trying to make them do something and if you come across to them as pushy- they will tell you to go away. Google our website and you will find information back to 2012. We help to change realtors lives every day and many realtors have experienced growth to their business from the exclusive appointments and from the leads that have been sent over. This can be a fantastic return on investment with just 1 or 2 additional sales from the service.

We work with a select group of agents that want to take their business to the next level. We understand that 87% will fail in the 1st 5 years because of lack of knowledge and motivation to do what it takes to be successful. Real estate is a business of building relationships and of sales. You have to sell yourself to potential clients in order to gain their business and then you have to successfully sell their properties in order to get great reviews and referrals. We are not here to do your job for you- we are here to supplement what you are already doing. We facilitate meetings between you and home owners that have shown a prospective interest in selling.

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