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I think that all of you have noticed that the market has been changing over the last your. Sales have declined, the number of listings has declined, prices have fallen in many areas around the country and the market is just different than it has been over the few years prior. The market appears to be headed toward being a normal market which means that those of you that have only been in the business for the past 5 years or so- are in for some stress ahead.

Those of you that endured the crash of 2008 and survived through it will find an easier time adjusting to the market conditions as they continue to change. We understand how difficult it can be to get new clients outside of your sphere of influence or past client referrals. We have several services to help you during this time.

It is very important to differentiate yourself from your competition and to stand out above the crowd in order to be found by potential clients. If a potential client cannot find you- they cannot do business with you.

1. many of you have set up your own website for your business and that’s the extent of it. That’s not enough. You have to get yourself ranked high in the search engines to actually get results.

2. Many of you with websites have sites that are not secure– The website starts with http:// and not the secure https:// – this drives potential clients away. Several years ago a secure website was only needed for financial transactions to encrypt payment information so it wouldn’t be stolen. Now over the past couple of years- Google has stated that every website needs to be secure and if you go to Google Chrome- the address bar on top will show if a site is not secure. and millions of potential clients will pass on sites that are not secure. If your site is not secure- you are missing out on potential business.

3. Many of you want to invest in getting your website and yourself more exposure and higher ranking in search engines and we can help with that.

We are happy to have a conversation with you to see how we can help you to grow your business. See our services page for our offerings.


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