Press Releases Bring More Traffic and Build Backlinks

February 6, 2019 Uncategorized

A Press Release is not only a great way to bring attention to your website. They have great search engine value. Once they are indexed in Google News can be syndicated all across the internet. The value of this syndication can result in hundreds of back links to your website.
The goal of an SEO Press Release is not to get an interview with the press, but rather to be used as a powerful back link to a website. Most respectable Press Release distribution websites distribute directly to Google News. If your goal is to do a news distribution for SEO purposes, then getting ranked high in Google News is something that you have to do. Getting on the first page of Google News should be your goal if you are doing a News Release for SEO purposes. To have a News Release syndicate the most, it is best to be on the first page of Google News for a competitive keyword. If you can get on the first page of Google News for a single word then it will be syndicated the most around the web. An example of this would be to be on the first page of Google News for the keyword “SEO.”
When you are writing a Press Release it is important that it has the proper keyword density. The keyword density should be between 2.5% to 3.5% for the keywords that you are targeting. It is also important to include the keywords that you are targeting inside of the title of release the as well. If you want it to get ranked high in Google News should be no longer than 350 words. You generally want to keep it between 250 and 300 words for the best results. If it is over 350 words it will not perform well. The longer releases will not get the same syndication power that a shorter Press Release will get.
It is recommended that if you are doing them for SEO purposes that you do at least one every week and target the same keywords. Also, when you include old Press Release links inside of the new Press Release that you are writing for the same subject this will create even greater syndication power and will allow your website to rank faster for the keywords that you are targeting.
They are a good SEO and back linking strategy. However, they should not be your only SEO strategy. It is also important to also write articles and perform social book marketing as well. You will also need to get high value government and education back links to complete the SEO process.

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