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Making Excuses and Missing Out

Being indecisive can be a painful thing. I speak with real estate agents daily that want to grow their real estate business. We have a conversation so that I can find out more about their business and what their goals are. They will tell me that they want to get more listings. They tell me that they have hundreds or even thousands of leads to call. They tell me that they have big goals and they tell me that they are unsure of what they are going to do.

We offer solutions to help agents to increase their business and to reach the next level. Keep in mind that if you do nothing- nothing will change. Making excuses and just saying no is a reflex action. I think that we all have a magic bag of excuses that we reach into at times to come up with a reason not to take action and not to do what it takes to grow our business.

Taking action and moving forward to make positive changes is extremely important if you want your business to succeed. Sure, you may make some choices that do not meet your expectations. Keep in mind that champions never lose- they either win or they learn and its the same in business. Do not let past mistakes paralyze your decision making process to a point where you are making excuses and missing out on potential success.

Imagine if you would have signed up for our complete growth plan where we generate the leads and call the leads and qualify the leads and set appointments with the leads. Imagine that you spent the money over 6 months and the cost was around $12,000 and imagine that you turned some of the appointments into listings and they sold and now you made $75,000-$150,000 as a return on investment… Wouldn’t you be happy about your choice? What if you only made $25,000 and just doubled your money? That’s still better than what you get from the bank right?

My point is– just stop making excuses about why you shouldn’t do something– when you find a solution to growing your business- take a chance and make the growth happen – I think more times than not- you will be happy that you did.

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