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Seller Leads On A Monthly Basis is an option for you to acquire seller leads on a month to month basis. They are currently targeting leads by MLS and are very effective in getting leads fast in order to get the information over to you as quick as possible. They currently have a sale that is going on which will allow you to save off of the regular priced plans. The plans are a month to month basis which allows you to cancel at any time. They offer 3 types of seller leads currently. Visit their website and you can place an order directly from there.

Expired Listings By MLS.

These homeowners tried selling, but their listing expired, unsold, and now they’re likely to relist with another agent. The free Vortex lead manager makes it easy to be that agent by finding the most accurate contact information for all expired listings in your MLS.

For Sale By Owner by MLS.

You have the option of driving around and scouring the internet to find FSBO leads-or- you can let us deliver the leads directly to you in a fast daily manner s that you can contact them quickly to try to secure the listing. Roughly 80% of FSBO listings wind up being listed by an agent and this can be well worth your while.

Geographical Leads By Zip Code

You can just go out and knock on doors without any advance knowledge about who lives there. Wouldn’t be nice to have information such as the owners name and contact phone numbers so you have the option of calling? You can focus on an area that you want to make your geographic farm or, can target an area where your company has had a lot of business going on in. Its nice to be able to point out just listed and just sold data to potential prospects.

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