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Create Videos for all of your listings

Today- video is king. Video content is viewed and acknowledged more that anything else. You need to be making videos of all of your listings.

I know that having a videographer come out to a property to make a video for you can be really expensive and you might just save that for high end homes. You can make a video with little or no cost by doing the following.

Make a video out of the photos that you took or had taken and placed on the listing online. You do not need to grab every photo- you can save the photos that show the main features that you want people to see.

Next use a video making program like Adobe Spark. You can upload the photos and put them in the order that you would like. This is sort of like the old school slide show . You can make things better by adding voiceover to the video and work with the timing and the transitions.

You don’t have to narrate yourself- you can sign up for Amazon Polly and do the voiceovers for your videos by typing in what you want to say and then creating the text to voice file with Amazon Polly. You get a choice of something like 47 Lifelike Voices Spread Across 24 Languages.

Things take some trial and error to get the timing the way you want it. One of the great things is that you can make several versions of the video in different languages and pot them for even more engagement from potential buyers.

If creating the videos is not something that you want to do- we can take care of it for you. We have a secret services menu and we will make a video as described for $19.95 each.
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