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SEO Audit No Cost

In today’s world- most people find what they need online. Finding a real estate agent in most cases, is no different. The best piece of real estate that you have is your website. Many people just build a website and then that’s it. Many realtors have a set it up and forget it attitude and that just does not cut it.

My question to you is- If I am in the market for a realtor and I am in an area that you work in–How do I find you? I am going to do an online search and when I do- is your name going to pop up? Is your website going to pop up?

I have to find you before I can research you and decide if I want to have a conversation with you about having you represent me.

I want to help you get things on track to being found. You are at our website if you are reading this. I want to go ahead and give you a no cost audit of your website and to email over a report on what we find. Use the contact page and send over a message and put your the website address that you want the audit done on. Be sure to put the email address as well that you want the report sent to.

There is no cost and no obligation to do anything. This is just something that i want to do for you.

We have services listed that can fix things for you and get you ranked higher in google plus get more traffic from potential clients headed to you–however– that’s just something that you an review on our services page. I just want to introduce our company to you if we haven’t had the opportunity to speak before.

Do a Google Search for listings4agents and you will find news dating back to 2012 for the domain. I just want you to have the opportunity to get to know our brand in case you have a need for the things that we offer in the future.

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