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December 31, 2018 Uncategorized

Everything that we do is tailored around getting you more listings. Realtors are at different levels in their careers and we understand that. We offer a wide range of products and services to assist everyone from the beginner to the highly seasoned and experienced agent. Lets take a look at some of the services that we have to help you.

  1. Starting out we highly recommend having your own website. We recommend https://e-host.us for your hosting needs because of the large number of apps that are available to use to grow your business and because there is no extra charge for wordpress sites to be hosted there. You get to try them for a month and if you do not like them- simply cancel and there is no charge.
  2. Personal Branding and SEO You need to be found in order for people to do business with you and that is where personal branding and SEO comes into play. You need to have your website and get information about yourself out on the internet and you want that information to be easily found by potential clients. We have a 6 month plan that will take care of getting a great deal of info out there about you and to build your online presence so that people can find you. We work with only 1 agent per area so you will need to check with us to see if your area is available.
  3. SEO Audit and basic SEO tweek package– We are putting together a basic package for those of you that have a site and have a presence online but you need just some basic things taken care of or you are just checking things out to come up with a game plan and don’t really have the budget right now to really dive in to get things really where they need to be.
  4. Press Releases– Press releases really get your name out there and can dominate the front page of Google for search terms. Press releases need to be done as a newsworthy story and not as a sales pitch. You can release info about the real estate industry in general or something locally. This is a great way to generate traffic to your website as well as generating incoming calls and emails from potential clients.
  5. Videos– 80% of people view videos online. Get a video for every listing that you have — you can use videos for other properties also listed that you might want to promote for sale. Both ways generate more traffic for you which means more potential business.
  6. Exclusive Listing Appointments– This is one of our flagship products– we have a few different options available. We start out by doing targeted marketing through social media in order to generate seller leads. The homeowners find our ads and they fill out their contact information and are requesting information about their homes current value. The leads are hot leads because the owner is requesting info directly from us. We then contact the leads to find out their intentions and why they are requesting the information. We will then set an appointment with them to meet with you to discuss your services and for you to give them your listing presentation. The appointment is sent exclusively to you and we know that even if they don’t sign a contract today with you– you have a 70% chance of winning the listing when they are ready to sign. The other HOT leads that tell us that they are not quite ready to meet with an agent- are sent to you so that you can follow up and add them to your CRM for a drip email campaign.
  7. Virtual Assistant or Dedicated Phone Rep.– Some of you are really busy and you just need some help with day to day business. You might need a virtual assistant to answer emails, set appointments, follow up with clients and other administrative tasks as assigned. You might need someone to just call contacts and leads to try to set appointments for you and to ask for referrals. Whatever it is that you need– we have you covered with a remote person to help you out. We have a 20 hour per week or 40 hour per week option. This is a prepaid service 1 week at a time with no long term commitment required.

Regardless of where your business is– we have services to help you grow your business and everything is focused on getting you more listings. We view a good listing as money in the bank for you. When things are priced right and in proper condition- someone will purchase the home and that means more money in your pocket. Lets have a conversation to see how we can assist you.

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