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We find home owners that are ready to meet an agent for a listing presentation and get you in front of them first.

Our Services

Do you want exclusive seller leads?

We give you exclusive seller leads. We gather our leads through targeted advertising and forward them to you within 24 hours. The information is from the lead filling info out in our ads. We vet them by comparing county records of real estate transactions to be sure that the person requesting info is an owner of the property. We also data mine for seller leads and send that info to you exclusively as well.

We connect you with the data that you need to market an opportunity.

When you go to knock on doors, call potential clients or send out mailers- doesnt it just make sense to know more about the owner? What is the home worth? how much equity do they have in the home? would you like to connect through social media? knowledge is power and so is being the first agent to meet with the owner to discuss their needs.Getting in front of a home owner first gives you a 70% chance of them listing with you when the time comes whether that is today or in 6 months from now. Do you want to be first?

We want to help you to be successful and we are here to help.

Exclusive listing appointments with home owners that have expressed an interest in selling and are ready to meet with an agent. That agent should be you. We also give you exclusive seller leads to fill up your sales funnel. These services allow you to make more deals happen in less time and with less effort. 


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